it's time to awaken

You are amazing

In everyone’s life there are times when we have forgotten the essence of who we are and life’s challenges have hidden the truth of our greatness.

Cre8 has sensational events that awaken that greatness again. When we open our minds and hearts and follow the path set out by the ancients spiritual masters then we can find our own path to return us back to where we should be.

Our events are powerful transformative and involve deepening your consciousness and reconnecting you with the source of wisdom we all have within our hearts and minds. As Buddha said the “The way is not in the Sky, the Way is in the heart”

Our two principle events Ignite Awakening and Awaken create unique environments for awakenings, realizations and transformations to occur.
We have all been conditioned by events, authority figures, our culture and our families to conform to limiting patterns of behavior and thinking. Our awakening events free you from these patterns to find true inner peace, love and powerfully release your strength to create the life you really seek.

We can free a tortured mind, heal relationships, revitalize a business and its leader and prevent a life of unfulfilled dreams.



Held in Perth, London, Los Angeles, Bali and Hawaii

Brett Jones - founder and spiritual teacher

Brett is an author, spiritual teacher, adventurer and lover of people. He has recently released his new book Awaken.

He has assisted many followers, masterĀ inner peace by knowing their true natrue and to live life passionately. He has also assisted many to overcome depression, anxiety , lonliness and sadness. He is renowed for his insight into human nature and the mysteries of life.

He speaks in events on the Path to Awaken within Australia and internationally.

He has been featured in the media such as Channel 9 Australia, West Australian newspaper, CNBC Canada, First Post India , Omvana, Finer Minds, Elephant journal, Wakeupworld, Annapurna living, The Rich Daily, and many others.

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