You are magnificent, beautiful and have all you need within. That is the truth.

Sometimes in life it does not feel that way.
We do lose sight of who and what we really are. Once we awaken and recognize again the truth that we are not what we do, what we have, or what we achieve, our beauty and magnificence returns and so does our ability to create a magnificent and bountiful life.
Without awareness, our internal habits, beliefs, and that little voice we hear inside can often be the largest obstacle to overcome in our relationships, business, and life! It is this internal dialog and belief system that prevents you from achieving your full potential beyond what you could have ever imagined!

Our Ignite Awakening event will open your eyes to a new perspective and outlook as you discover the precise obstacles that are holding you back. All Ignite attendees are guaranteed to have an entirely new outlook on life after the completion of this life changing seminar. You will be invigorated to immediately begin transforming your life from ordinary to one of bliss and inner acceptance of the now and what is, as you apply the new way of bliss and being in daily life.

Ignite provides a fun, exciting, spiritual(not religious) environment that allows you to unwind and change those patterns and way of reacting to life by bringing greater calm and certainty into your world.

If you are experiencing any of these limiting behaviors:

  • Overthinking everything
  • Annoyed with people
  • Deep internal conflict
  • Fear of confrontation
  • Constant depression or anxiety
  • Fear of getting it wrong
  • Trying to be perfect
  • Always angry
  • Lack of confidence
  • A poor leader of people
  • Poor connection with people around you
  • Difficulty seeing the bigger picture
  • Having clear goals
  • Having no time for yourself
  • Lack of connection with your partner
  • Lack of focus on the important things

Then its time to awaken

Ignite awakening provides the transformational breakthrough necessary to learn and master the following skills:

Inner peace

Discover what filters and beliefs you have that distort your decision-making abilities. Be able to overcome the limiting behaviors and patterns that are preventing you from achieving your true potential.

  • Letting go of events and behaviors that have previously held you back
  • A new destiny of attracting abundance
  • Activate your creativity
  • Integrate your mind and heart into everything you do
  • Have a clearer picture of your goals, dreams and passions in life
  • Become more understanding and connected with the people around you
  • Inspire growth and passion in the people around you


  • Bring those you love closer with your new behaviors
  • Understand and communicate in the love language of your partner
  • Understand what beliefs are getting in the way of loving someone to your full potential
  • Understand the feminine state of mind
  • Understand the masculine state of mind
  • Discover how men and womens brain works and how different it is!
  • Take your relationship to an all new level
  • Understand the emotional need under a womans constant talking
  • Discover that when men say they are thinking of nothing they really are just thinking of nothing!!
  • Feel the laughter, the love and most importantly the passion again

Business and Wealth

Find the patters that are restricting your flow. Learn the simple techniques to accumulate wealth and financial stability. Master the Business skills necessary in Team Marketing Systems and Numbers to run and grow a business. It is time to Awaken and its time for you to join the growing tribe that is.

What people are saying

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Jarna Saunders
Jarna Saunders
My husband and I would not be married today if we hadn't done Ignite together.I would highly recommend it. It has not only changed and deepened our marriage but has deepened our whole families lives.
Thai Tran
Thai Tran
4 years now since my Ignite leadership seminar in Sept 2012 Geraldton. My success in relationship is what I'm most grateful for.Love language, to truly understand trust and emotional state of masculine and feminine are keys factors we apply in our relationship today.Understanding isn't enough.Brett walked us through to actually having the EXPERIENCE. I could literally emotionally felt, saw and connect with my partners heart 100%. The Awaking moment for me.Still with me now, most importantly. When our relationship is in moments of challenge. I now have the ability to step up and connect to listen, feel and understand ...
Ivanna Fontanna
Ivanna Fontanna
Ignite has been a life changing experience of self awareness and realization. I have been able to identify where my limiting thought patterns have come from and had breakthroughs to change them. I have also learnt to show more compassion to people and be more understanding.Most importantly, ignite has made my life more peaceful and happy.
Tran Mary
Tran Mary
My husband and myself attended Ignite and it has bought us back into our hearts and connected us again in our marriage. He is so much more present for me and I feel much closer to him. For myself it gave me back a peace inside that I so missed. I recommend the event to everyone now.
Jennifer Felt
Jennifer Felt
An amazing life changing experience. It has given me clarity and opened my heart to life. I feel that i have found my true self and have the motivation within myself to create a life which is fulfilling. Ive release my heart from jail that I created. As I reflect on the seminar I can honestly say the experience is like no other. It touched my soul immensely. One thing for sure is that I'm grateful to have been guided to Brett Jones whom I now call my spiritual mentor.


Perth 28th Р30th July 2017

Perth 13th Р15th October 2017

Cost: $1495 with payment plans available to suit your needs.

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