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In contemplation and silence our truth arises. Allow the space and time for you. Cease the business and permit yourself the opportunity for your own wisdom to arise and see and experience where you should be in your life and how to arrive there in flow.

Consider that we are always busy and never still enough to allow the divine insight that is our guidance and truth to be present. Here is your opportunity to give your self permission to take the time to find your own truth.

A deep and insightful five day retreat to practice Meditation and Silence in its pure form and experience the truth that you are magnificent, beautiful and a gift to the world. If this message resonates with you, then you must attend.

THE PATH TO AWAKEN is authentic meditation teaching to find your inner self, leading to the truth of your greatness and ultimately inner peace. Finding clarity of mind and freedom from the ego leads to inner peace and opening the space for real enlightenment to occur. The retreat format includes teachings by Brett during the day with meditation and silence practice.

Learn to meditate in the traditional methods and reach enhanced states whilst receiving sublime teachings to enhance your experience.

Meditating on the spiritual teachings of the Tao de Ching, ACIM, Khrishamurti, the Pali Canon, the Upanishad, Rumi and other deeper teachings.

In attending this event you will learn about the ego and its influence over your mind by:-

  • Manisting the life and path you are guided to be on
  • Gaining clarity on your inner purpose and what the divien seeks from you.
  • Realising your true greatness, your beauty and divinity.
  • Free yourself from conditioned thinking.
  • Learn to meditate and use the breath energy of Chi to enhance and deepen your meditation.
  • Experiencing the Bliss and peace of being connected to the divine wisdom inside by activating your energy centres via correct instruction
  • Learning to simplify your life
  • Increased Mindfulness
  • Be clear in your decision making
  • Live in flow more often
  • Learning to live and connect to the divine within your heart.
  • Separating your thoughts from the negative
  • Manifesting great karma in wealth and experiences
  • Having increased control over your responses to life
  • Learning to surrender to life
  • Finding true inner peace in all circumstances
  • Loving deeper and more fully experiencing joy in the small things
  • Deep connection to the sacred truths within the ancient spiritual texts.

This magical retreat brings Ancient spiritual wisdom into todays busy life style and culture, so it is easily understood and will transform your spirit
towards deeper peace, attracting positive karma and greater connection each day with your divine beauty and greatness.

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Sureya Yuraten
Sureya Yuraten
This has been an eye, heart and conscious opening experience where I was able to distinguish my true power and wisdom that lie with in and how to access it when I feel like I am unable to make the right decision .Without the retreat I would have continued to be clouded by my own mind and thoughts and continued to make the wrong decisions that my ego has done for a very long time which hasn't got me anywhere really.Thank you for your patience, insights, wisdom and openness to help not just me but others like me do what's ...
Natasha Mc Crystal
Natasha Mc Crystal
Thanks for an amazing couple of days. It was such a beautiful gift to ourselves to take the time out to stop and be present with ourselves. Thanks for all the meditation tips and teachings. I'll be bringing these practices into each day.
Tracey Ford
Tracey Ford
Thank you Brett  and all the participants for such a wonderful and inclusive meditation retreat. Wonderful start to my journey along the path.I am feeling blessed.
Phillip Maroney
Phillip Maroney
Thanks again Brett Jones  for the last meditation retreat it was a rewarding experience and massive step forward.
Fleur Porter
Fleur Porter
"Thank you so much for The Meditationh Retreat. Isn't it funny how exlusive peace seems until you make the time and the space for it? Thank you for teaching me that from peace everything else will arise, and for how much sweeter life is with stillness. Walking meditation was my favourite. And all the birds. Amazing days. Worth every minute x".


Hawaii 5 full days. 16th to the 2oth June 2017.

Cost US$795 or A$995

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